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The Mother of All Cable Ducts.

Cable trunking systems have been in the market for more than 60 years. Today’s generation at Elcon Industries has quite another look: an appealing exterior shape with freely movable retaining clips on the inside along with a matching range of mouldings and an elegant and functional module frame. Thanks to the use of space-saving M45 built-in devices, sockets, switches and roller blind switches can already be installed in 40 mm high cable trunking. The shape with its overlapping upper part provides plenty of space for the laying of lines and cables.

Highly Functional Problem Solvers.

In workshops, garages, car parks and basements or wherever the architecture is largely functional, rigid PVC has prevailed as a material for cable trunking, thanks to its robust characteristics. It is flame-resistant, largely withstands UV radiation and offers exactly the kind of robustness that is needed for everyday work. Thanks to their extremely smooth surface, Elcon Industries cable trunking systems are dirt-resistant and, if worst comes to worst, easy to clean.

A classic!

Cable trunking made of LFS sheet steel offers remarkable stability. This system is often used in public, high-traffic buildings and building sections, such as hospitals, government departments and agencies, showrooms and car parks thanks to its high load capacity and also to reduce the fire load. The colour options of the sheet steel duct systems leave no wish unfulfilled.

You can use the high-impact and scratch-resistant powder coating to coat the steel sheet cable management systems to suit your individual wishes or requirements.

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Outer corner

For an attractive look when routing cables round wall projections and corners of rooms. From the smallest dimensions (15×15) up to 60×200, you can be sure of a compatible design.

End piece

Just press them on – and the end pieces create a tidy finish.

Inner corner

With moulded lugs (on inner corners, outer corners and flat bends) the top of the trunking is neatly finished and sawn edges well hidden. The mouldings save valuable installation time. From 15×15 to 60×200.

Flat bend

Thanks to GGK mouldings, changes of direction are not a problem. Moulded lugs accommodate the top part of the trunking and provide a firm seat. The mouldings elegantly conceal any cut edges.

Cable clip

For the size 40×60 and above, four freely movable clips are attached in the lower section of the trunking per 2 m length. For ceiling mounding we recommend that you use additional clips.

Adapter frame

For M45 devices installation. These can be installed in trunkings of height 40mm (width 90 mm) and above. Ample space for the cabling remains. Simple snap-in fitting with cut edges neatly covered.

Separation plate

Separation plates serve to divide the trunking into clear sections and to separate cable bundles. They are easy to install by snapping onto the moulded mounting rails that run throughout the bottom section of the trunking.